Hi, my name is Max Deutsch

I create things with technology

I'm a product manager at Intuit with a math degree from Brown

Here's my story...

In 6th grade, I sold essay-writing software to my friends in the cafeteria. I thought it used artificial intelligence, but it was basically a MadLib on a CD-ROM. Sophomore year of highschool, I built a visual effects studio and my work ended up screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Senior year, I founded a biotech company (with the help of some really smart people at the NYU Langone Medical Center) to build technology that enables deaf patients to enjoy music. A lot of what we did is now clinical procedure. Sophomore year of college, I started a payments company...just so I could eat more cheaply around Brown's campus. Senior year, I launched Rhombus, a Startup-As-A-Service company, with a team of designers and engineers across eight different timezones. In 2015, I graduated, moved to SF, and started working at Intuit as a product manager, building cool stuff for QuickBooks. In the meantime, I've also built portraits out of Legos, ridden thousands of miles on my bike, learned to speak Hebrew, co-founded a nationwide business publication, solved a Rubik's Cube blindfolded, started an education non-profit, published crossword puzzles in major publications, and played lots of blues guitar and jazz percussion. I also built Somebody.io, so anyone can easily build a site like this one.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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A speed-listening app for iPhone
Portfolio 02

Lego Portraits

I designed and sold 16 Andy Warhol-style 32"x24" portraits made from legos

My 2016 highlights

Read about my favorite moments and accomplishments from 2016
Portfolio 04

YumPass - Payments Startup

Brown University students with the YumPass payments card could use it at checkout for discounts at our 14 partner restaurants
Portfolio 05

EdgeUp - Nonprofit

Founded education non-profit (in partnership with YPIE.org) to offer free SAT tutoring to ESL students in NY
Portfolio 06

Pan Mass Challenge

I ride to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I've completed the 90-mile Pan Mass Challenge five times, raising $20,500
Portfolio 07

Toggle Medical Systems

Toggle is a company I built in collaboration with the NYU Langone Medical Center. We build software that enables deaf patients to perceive and enjoy music.
Portfolio 08


I was on the founding team of the IFJ, a business publication at Brown, now active nationally at Harvard, Columbia, Penn, Berkeley, and others
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Rhombus, a Startup-As-A-Service company, works with non-technical entrepreneurs to build stunning mobile apps
Portfolio 10

Deutsch Digital

A VFX production house for television and film. My work has screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Boston International Film Festival.
Portfolio 11

Portrait Painting

I had the urge to paint. In an attempt to paint something that was commercially viable, I decided to paint a portrait of Donald Trump
Portfolio 16

Brown University

I got degrees in Math and Economics. Also, learned how to speak Hebrew and build software. Met and collaborated with awesome people
Portfolio 15

Rubik's Cube and Memory

Portfolio 18


A dead simple way to make your personal website
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The soundtrack to my life... Here are books I listened to in 2016

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